Morning Session with my Nephew

My nephew Rashven – 3 years old. I asked her not to change her outfit as she woke up in the morning… I told her “We’ll be having your photo session today” …






One saturday morning in the office and eventually there was a sudden power interruption. So to break our boredom, I let them (Norman and Fredah, my officemates) pose with that window creating them a sillhouette…

This shot was taken outside the office. The view is overlooking down town San Fernando, La Union.

My Station

Apple Mac G5 + Mac OSX and my bestfriend… IPOD…



Baguio Cathedral

With post production …. i played with photoshop’s shadows and highlights – effective for photos that depicts stuctures … better try it… you’ll going to love it …



Favicon is the icon located left side of a browsers tab, more often than not, the logo of the company’s site. I learned this from a friend stylemo the other day and I wish to share it too.

1. Crop your logo. Creating a 16px x 16px logo, with 72 dpi.
2. Save it as image, i.e. .jpg, .gif, .png …etc.
3. Open it with software IrfanView (free software – downloadable) then save this image as .ico … download irfanView
4. Copy and paste or save this .ico file to the root directory of your website.
5. Open the index (html, php, tpl) file of your website then copy and paste this code in between the tag <head></head>

<link rel=”SHORTCUT ICON” href=”filename.ico”>

6. Congratulations! …. That’s it!…

Cutting Down Expenses for Home Recording Set up

Samson Audio finally found a solution for expensive recording gadgets.

Before: An expensive SLR condenser microphone requires a mixer which is in fact, another pain in the ass for a low budget home recording set up.

But now, a “moderately expensive” USB condenser microphone is actually a kick ass. No mixer, no converter box nor extra gear needed. Just plug in, and start recording.

Samson CO1U USB Studio Condenser Microphone… “The future of recording” …
I’ve bought one of it and I’m enjoying it now. My band will be using this gadget for our DIY recording. So watch out fellows for our new songs…


CO1U USB Studio Condenser Microphone
Works with any USB-equipped computer.
16-Bit resolution, 44.1-48Khz sampling
Cardioid pickup pattern
Large 19mm diaphragm
Heavy gauge mesh grill
Smooth, flat frequency response
USB connection cable included
Mac and Windows compatible

Photographer Mode

I’m undergoing a training for photography and I’m in my 3rd week now… This training is for free that’s why I grabbed it and beside I’m interested with this course… My first week is “chaos”… Damn it! ISO, shutter speed, aperture … I often hear those words before but for now I need to inject it through my veins… The whole week was purely about the foundations and theories.

My 2nd week was smoother. Ehem, at least! The camera… Canon 20D… its body… so sexy. hehehe!.. “A good posture, good shooting position and as well as a firm grip would help” … according to Sir Edgee. To enrich my vocabulary with the jargons of photography, terms like focal length, depth of field and exposure to name a few was introduced to me.

Here are 3 of my practice shots taken at different exposures.

aperture at f5.6
shutter speed 1/60
ISO 200

aperture at f8
shutter speed 1/60
ISO 200

aperture at f5.6
shutter speed 1/60
ISO 400